Turnkey gambling software – Casino setups made easy

Turnkey gambling software is a features-enriched tool. It supports easy and quick development as the features are already in a usable state; these are just to be assembled to make the platform functional.


Starting a new online casino is a mammoth task. Several technologies are to be incorporated to put a new casino in action. Often, the dreams go into the backburner due to a lack of expertise, experience, and resources, when it comes to owning an online casino. A quick solution is available in the form of turnkey gambling software, which is a fully customizable ready-to-use tool. Let’s take a look at the reasons why a turnkey solution is considered an easy option for starting an online casino.


Reasons that make turnkey software a good fit for the gambling business


Turnkey gambling software is a features-enriched tool. It supports easy and quick development as the features are already in a usable state; these are just to be assembled to make the platform functional. This style of software is preferred because of the following reasons:


  1. Fully customizable modules


The turnkey gambling software comes with all customizable features. Businesses can get as many customizations as required within their scope of work. Since there is no need for development from scratch, the users know in advance the limitations of a turnkey solution. Thus, a great deal of homework is done before giving a nod to the turnkey software for gambling. 


Due to ease of customization, the owners can have a platform that is the closest to their vision. They can offer a lot in terms of variety and convenience to the bettors who come to the platform for gambling. 


  1. Low setup cost


The turnkey gambling software does not require coding from scratch. Thus, the task of setting up a gambling platform attracts relatively low cost. The gambling company can do without having an in-house department of coders and UI experts. The setup process can be outsourced to professionals who do not charge much. 


  1. Compliance with all legalities


Turnkey software professionals for gambling provide a valid license for the operation to the client. This software is also pre-tested by the approving agencies on grounds, such as safety of the application or website, transparency of games, etc. As a result, the developed platform proves trustworthy and wins the confidence of the players. 


The software is protected with relevant SSL certificates and all data exchange takes place in a completely encrypted environment. Thus, the players can enjoy a worry-free environment and make the best use of mobile devices for playing their favorite gambling games.


  1. Easy to setup

A gambling platform developed in turnkey mode does not demand in-depth technical expertise. Only beginner tech skills are sufficient to complete the setup. The developers offer unlimited customizations as a part of the deal and stand by the side of the gambling enterprise at every step. Thus, the setup does not prove to be an uphill task and ubiquitous support eases the process further. A direct consequence is faster rolling of the application into the market. On average, sports betting software takes 2-3 months to develop depending upon the features to include. 


The whole development process of turnkey software for gambling involves setting up of game menu, promotions, and branding activities only. Since there is no complex coding involved, the setup can be done with a limited skill set and in a short span. Thus, the business can capitalize on the opportunities and can penetrate the market at the right time.


So, by signing up for a turnkey software solution, gambling ventures sign up for a world full of possibilities and opportunities. Let’s decode the overall development process of turnkey solutions in the coming segment.


How the turnkey gambling software is developed


The development process mainly includes customizations and configuration of set-up. As a client, the gambling company provides branding material to the development partner and discusses how the player experience is to be tailored. Such an association helps the gambling business owner have better control over the platform’s functioning. 


Next, the developers set up the library of games. The business owners can provide the game types and titles they want to include in the software. Consequently, in a turnkey software, the players may find a variety of slots, table games, arcade games, etc. There is an added facility provided for further enriching the menu whenever needed. The gambling companies may approach the developers to add poker games, fishing games, sports esports, etc. as a part of the expansion plan.


Online gambling sites have a dedicated section for promotional offers. In turnkey software, the developers, in consultation with the client, configure the bonus types, and membership points which can be redeemed against rewards. Depending upon the user's response to promotional offers, the developers may include new promotions from time to time to offer something new and refreshing to the visitors.


Apart from working on the front end, the developers also provide updated security solutions and accommodate requests for adding new features when needed. The turnkey gambling software developer provides technical assistance, too, to keep the platform up and running with almost nil downtime. The developer takes up the responsibility of the safe running of the web or mobile app and lets the owner have more time in hand to improve player engagement.


Factors considered while designing the turnkey software for gambling


Developers discuss in detail how the client wants the software to appear and work. They work on both the UI and UX aspects and deliver a solution that can appeal to the masses. It is done by taking care of:


  1. The visual appeal of the platform: The color scheme and elements are chosen keeping the cultural sensibilities of the target market in mind.
  2. Reach of the platform: The turnkey software developer may help convert marketing ideas into action and make changes in the app to widen its reach.
  3. Functioning ease: The features are chosen such that the platform becomes easier to operate for both the owner and the visitor.


To conclude,


Wiredking is a wholesome tool that caters equally to the needs of the business owner and players. Developers take care of all technical aspects and provide support on all fronts as and when needed. They can deliver the platform in minimal time as the modules are pre-developed; thus, the setup is easier and faster and does not require complex coding.