How are Nepal temple balls made?

Nepalese temple ball hash is really versatile, and youll never run out of ideas on how to utilise it


Nepalese Temple Balls are a staple of hash-making folklore, dating back to the days before ice water extraction and bubble bags. The original temple balls were created from charas (hand-collected cannabis trichomes) or dry sift (trichomes separated from the plant using screens).

How are Nepal temple balls made?

Nepal Temple balls are manufactured using just two ingredients: freshly dried marijuana and your hands. Rub the dried blossom with your hands. Resin and power will begin to accumulate on your hands, causing them to stay together (the bud that breaks apart you can use later). The heat from your palms will activate the compounds in the bud, and voila, you#39;ve got yourself a temple ball. Nepalese Temple balls are strong in THC, containing anywhere from 55 percent to 80 percent THC depending on the variety of flower used to manufacture them.

They#39;re pretty sticky, which makes it a challenging concentrate to work with. Temple balls taste finest in a glass pipe or sprinkled on top of a flower in a joint. These methods of smoking aid in the containment of what can quickly turn into a sticky mess.

Nepal Temple Ball Hash for sale

Before guiding you from where to buy nepalese Temple ball online, one must acknowledge themselves with its information and how to use it. Nepal temple balls, like all types of hash, can be used in a variety of ways.

Following is a list of ways to eat Nepalese temple ball hash after purchasing it for sale

-: Use a pipe, bong, or joint to smoke it.

-: It should be vaporised

-: It should be dabbed.

-: Consume it.