They had a draft mode in 2K18, it sucked ass.

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Will give a new way to play, especially for the NMS players, and also will prevent NBA 2K21 from being repetitive. Will also help things be balanced and simply be dependent on skill (and some luck on who you are able to draft). As it's a 13 man roster, you own a pool of 3 players to 2K MT pick from in each round for 13 rounds; might be decreased to 7-10 rounds so you may or may not be made to play with the gold or reduced players thats the bottom of your group to start.

Games set like boundless in which you can buy prizes for your more wins but restricted to a specific quantity of Ws/Ls. Easy, interactive means to gain more VC/MT but might cost a while to begin so that it's not an infinite supply of money (that is why I believe contracts and injuries are something atm). Edited throughout the year so the pool involves the cards that are better; foundation cards become diamonds at the year's close. I know they had a draft before that wasn't updated and thus not played thus taken out of NBA 2K21 but I feel like if it's managed and used correctly, it'd be a big hit.

They had a draft mode in 2K18, it sucked ass. I agree that a draft mode would be cool, but they would half ass it and ensure it is terrible and go"see appearance, no one plays it, we're taking it out". I actually played with it a ton cause it was the only real way without going against god squads to play games. I liked it a lot frankly. Playoffs and pack felt like one of the very balanced manners in the sport. I get the frustration, but by no way would any company spend that kind of money on a mode just to sabotage it themselves.

By no way would place locks are added by any firm release the same card at different positions, except 2K. It costs nothing to come out with a card. With are assets, it costs a good deal of money to program a new game mode. No gambling company will spend that kind of mo ey to intentionally sabotage that mode. From releasing the giannis 5 times the money they get, they could use it to provide us a draft mode lol, it's not like it will cost them billions.

They did not update it at all literally just place a 5 guy draft and then went and took it out another calendar year. They half ass stuff and when folks don't play with it they just remove it, if people like it they'll also eliminate it and bring it back 3 years later and Cheap NBA 2K MT call it a new mode. I understand what you are saying, my point is simply that they wouldn't spend that much money creating a mode to not be utilized, but the reason they eliminate it for certain is because people were not playing it. The error extends both ways.