For the first residence, many people choose to buy a type 21 or 45 house which is relatively more affordable.


For the first residence, many people choose to buy a type 21 or 45 house which is relatively more affordable. A house like this of course has a room that is not so spacious. Even so, you can arrange a modern minimalist living room chair in such a way to work around it so that it feels more spacious. How to ? Here are the tips.

Tips for Organizing a Living Room with a Limited Area

Put a Mirror on One Side of the Room

You can put a mirror on one side of the room to give the living room a sense of relief. This method is often used by minimalist cafes in order to create an atmosphere that seems broad to their customers. That's because the mirror is able to reflect light which makes the room feel brighter.

The condition of the room that is bright and bright certainly makes the impression become wider. In addition, the mirror is also able to give the illusion effect as if there is a double space in the living room which makes it not look cramped. So you should try to put a mirror on one side of the wall. Or it could be by placing a standing mirror on a certain side.

Use Neutral Colors

In a minimalist room in a type 21 or 45 house, it is recommended to use a modern minimalist living room chair with a neutral color. Including other furniture that you want to put in the room. Because the selection of neutral colors will help in giving the impression of a wider room. Even neutral colors look much more elegant with the right combination.

Use Light Furniture

In addition to using neutral colors, you should also use light furniture if placed in a room with a limited area. Because this light furniture tends to have an impression that makes the room spacious. Especially if the furniture is made using feet. Chairs or sofas with legs like this look slim and make room to feel larger.

For example, a chair with transparent legs, this model is able to create a wider impression. On the other hand, furniture that has no legs and is box-shaped seems to take up a lot of free space. So you will feel that the space for movement becomes more limited with furniture like that.

Multifunctional Furniture

In addition to light furniture, a multifunctional modern minimalist living room chair is an ideal choice. Because the existence of this furniture is able to maximize the area in your room. So you can save more space and still get the functions you need. Because basically furniture that is just decoration is not suitable for a limited room.

With a few tips as above, even a room that has a limited area will feel more spacious. You can get enough space to do various daily activities. Don't forget, choose guest chairs from Misha Furniture with quality materials and exclusive designs so that they can simultaneously improve the aesthetics of the room.

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