Making oat production faster for a healthy America

Health issues have always been one of the top concerns for all Americans.


Health issues have always been one of the top concerns for all Americans. With the passage of time, more and more people have realized that a healthy breakfast is imperative to good health. One superfood that has gained a lot of prominence in breakfast is oats. Many health experts recommend that oats in breakfast help keep people happy and satiated for longer times, thus lowering the risk of overeating, and at the same time, they are filled with multiple nutrients and minerals. If you have a food product manufacturing unit and are looking to get into the oats business, now is the best time to jump in. Many advanced oat processing equipments including grain hullers are available in the market to make your life easier. 

Oat Processing Equipment

Good quality oat processing equipment is being manufactured right here in the United States by specialized companies. The best of this oat processing equipment comes with a number of basic and advanced features. The machines use a variety of new-age metals and materials, which are very well suited for food production because they need way less regrind, cracking, and chipping. You can get machines with expanded grinding capacity so as to develop various food product specifications. These machines have a 70° cosine crown with parabolic crowing, which shifts the peak load from the tooth flank edges. This means that machines require less maintenance and can keep on working for longer durations without wearing off the teeth. Four-start helical water jackets and the absence of any bolt seals mean that the production quality stays uniform. This also applies when the variant in raw material sometimes gets out of the pre-defined specification range. 

Grain Huller

As with any food production step, the care has to start from the beginning. This is why you should be very careful in choosing everything from the cleaning equipment to the grain huller to rolling and packaging equipment. A good grain huller will be able to remove the husk from the kernel rapidly without compromising the texture and purity of the oat. A single-step grain huller is considered the best choice as it not only is quick but also hulls without crushing the oats so that they can be sent further for accurate sorting and separation before any further processing. 

Before purchasing the equipment, you should look for a company that has long years of experience in manufacturing these machines. Also, make sure that the brand you pick has experience in serving some of the largest food maker firms in the USA and the world.