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Who were Zaros' enemies? I'll find one as quick as possible. (ends conversation) My master, Zaros, had many enemies, but rs 2007 gold the most common one today is Zamorak. Bring to me a destroyed object of Zamorak. All right, I will see what I can do. (Conversation ends) You must get these things: A jug of wine, a water-filled vial, a rannar weed, and unholy symbol dust (you may find this by using a pestle and mortar with an unholy symbol. Talk with Azzanadra when you have these ingredients. He will appear in his throne room when you have all the components when you enter into the pyramid.

I've all the components I need. Azzanadra will take each one the ignredients from you. He will combine the unholy symbol dust, then the rannar weed, then the wine to the water-filled vial. He'll return to one of the empty jug, and a Potion of Zaros (4) (You can not drink this potion. Azzanadra: This, adventurer. Take this to each one the altars that's energy was depleted by the Zamorakians, along with the energy will return into the altars. It will finish the sanctifying process. (Conversation ends)

Now you must travel back to each shrine (you can do it in almost any order, however you have to be wearing the Pendant of Azzanadra.) When you arrive at a shrine, you need to use the Potion of Zaros (4) on the altar, and it'll begin to glow a color again, based on what color it was originaly. Subsequently throw a smoke, blood, shadow, and ice spell on the altar. Whenever you've used the potion with the previous altar in the previous shrine and casted the spells, Azzanadra will look.

Come back into my own pyramid for one last task. He will then disappear straight away. Return to the throne room in Azzanadra's pyramid. Azzanadra will appear there. However, I want your assistance once more. I myself explored the crypt nearby, and I have discovered a secret trapdoor in King Alirin's burial chamber. Thus, you need me to investigate? Yes. I believe there's another thing there that ought to be brought back to my pyramid to continue the war together with Zamorak.

What do you really need this moment? My sword. It's an object of great power, and it might be used to kill many Zamorakians. I believe it was wrongly put in the hidden room. I'll go get it. Now you must return to the crypt to King Alirin's throne room. If you attempt to enter from the door south-west of this bandit's camp, then you'll find that it is sealed off with a rockslide. Instead, you must go to buy RuneScape gold the secret entrance by Eblis as well as the mirrors.