SIMPLE ROUTE TO 99. Ok, maybe I lied a little bit.

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Splash technique is used by many RuneScape players to level up Magic while going afk, as doing it is nearly as exciting as cutting a Yew Log. All you have to do is to RS gold click something on the screen or move a camera every 20 minutes, so that the game does not log you out.

The best way to begin splash training? You have to edit your gear installation and remove all of magic bonuses, such as your Magic Strength so that you have negative magic stat. To do so you need to possess one of two sets of the equipment shown below. You wish to gear whole plate collection with a kite shield and Green dragonhide vambraces (-10 Magic) or Cursed Goblin Staff.

OSRS splashign setup. Leveling up your Ranged to level 40 and arming vambraces gives player an opportunity to equip you of those elemental staves. This saves a whole lot of runes but if you don't want to level up Ranged and you're able to manage spending more money - Cursed Goblin Staff is going to be sufficient.

Recall that using this manner is usually very slow and a great deal of time is required. By way of example, leveling all of the way to 99 with just Fire Strike could take about a million hours (almost 42 days!) . There is a reason why there are not many YouTube videos about dab magic skilling. This is precisely why this system is advocated only to low-level players and those who can afk a lot.

Coaching by enchanting bolts. This is a great method of leveling Magic which generates little loses or even gains occasionally. It may be used as an alternative to High Alchemy which is much more click-intensive than enchanting. It's likely to earn up to even 300k exp every hour at higher level by clicking talent rather than doing so automatically.

SIMPLE ROUTE TO 99. Ok, maybe I lied a little bit. There's no straightforward way of attaining magic 99 at RuneScape, as time and patience is required. However, we'll explain to you how to become proficient wizard quicker in more efficient manner, than by just learning and exploring. Leveling Magic in RuneScape can be done in a variety of ways. Below you'll find an easy path to take which will lead you to max level. When you have any cash (around 30k at least) you can start your magic training by splashing at Lumbridge rats. However if you don't, you got to create a few gold, or follow directions below. With these guides Magic will be your indication of recognition. This will permit you to use among Strike Spells - Wind Strike. Proceed fight Goblins east of the castle or Cows at northeast farm. By casting Enchant Ring you can make Rings of Recoil that is a fantastic selling item that can make you a little bit of benefit to purchase new Runes. You will need just a little bit over 500 casts to buy RuneScape gold find level 27 and start another method.