Siedge Equipment: The barbarians have some siedge equipment

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Ok, this minigame is a large scale, safe, pvp minigame. In it you either play as barbarian invaders from the barb villa or outpost, or you shield the towns of OSRS gold edgeville, varok, faldor, ardougne, or rekkella. The barbs are totally rigged siedge weapons. Gameplay: The object is two things: The attacker has to capture the town by killing every individual inside. The defender must kill all attackers.

Siedge Equipment: The barbarians have some siedge equipment. Fires a burning missle. Can take 1 participant in 1 hit or just take down part of a wooden wall. Stake Hurler: Spreads 80 damage in 5 squares away from target. Catipult: Requires wall down over time. Can proceed normally.

Trebuchet: Must be packaged into a trebuchet wagon before being moved, then reassembled when reached to website. Is simaller, but more powerful than catipult. Starting. To begin, visit the city you want to defend/attack from. There should be a portal site. Heres were. Barb villa: lvl 1 vent green in longhall. Lvl 2 jack, red in longhall. To be continued.

In addition, it doesn't make sense that a master smith shouldn't be any better in making bronze than, say, a level 18 smith who only started playing a few days ago and has made nothing but 188 bronze daggers. I suggest that if your Smithing level is high enough, you should be able to earn Masterwork conventional armor.

In addition, it could have the next"masterwork" seems, as illustrations: Bronze - A smoother and much more contemporary appearance, as well as visible nuts and bolts.

Steel - A smoother and much more modern look, with platelegs that get thinner in their way down, a tight platebody, an old-fashioned thin helm, and shields with more rounded edges. Mithril - A smoother and more contemporary look, with stone in the legs and skirts, stripes of white at the bodies, more primitive helms and straighter shields with a white crossover instead of a brown one on the kiteshield, the same form and size.

This idea may be similar to cheap RS gold Zammorak500's idea, but I thought of it a couple of days back. Armor from Bronze through Rune all looks the same - dull. Seriously, does not it get annoying that the form of your rune armor would be the same as the bronze armor of this level 6 player standing next to you asking for 80k because someone hacked his ashes? Do not you believe a little variety would be better?