The origin and significance of Tibetan burial

In the Yushu Tibetan area, there is a strict and sacred procedure for Tibetan sky burials. This funeral custom has a history of thousands of years and has rarely changed.


In the Yushu Tibetan area, there is a strict and sacred procedure for Tibetan sky burials. This funeral custom has a history of thousands of years and has rarely changed.

Normally, before dying, the local living Buddha or monk should be asked to read the sutra; after death, they should also read the resurrected sutra to let the soul go to the pure land. At the same time, the animal skin clothes on the deceased should be replaced with cloth clothes, and before the body is stiff, use white cloth Or the deceased's clothes and white wool ropes are tied up and fixed in a "seated" shape and placed in another room, and an altar is set to read for a few days.  The funeral day is determined by the monks. Except for the monks, the mourners are all family members and relatives, and friends of the deceased. The deceased's relatives carried the corpse while transporting the corpse. They could not land on the way, otherwise, the ghost would return or wander in the place of landing for 7 days, affecting reincarnation. In the celestial burial ceremony, the monks are responsible for burial, first lighting mulberry smoke, chanting the death scripture, and pray scripture. Strangely, a large group of eagles and eagles don't know where to go, but they will fly to the sky burial ground on time and wait for them. Next, "Lokaba"

(Sky burials Tibet Master) remove the shroud, place the body on the corpse table (decomposed stone) in a prone position, and then use a sharp blade to draw a few patterns on the back of the body, then stand up and make a loud sound towards the vultures. Drink! It seems like a huge leader
The vulture immediately rose into the air, and a mighty dive rushed towards the corpse table, plucking a few bites on the back of the body and flashing aside. At this time, the celestial burial master also stepped back, and the rest of the vultures immediately rushed like a black cloud, scrambling for you
I squeezed and tore and devoured the flesh and internal organs of the corpse. In an instant, a complete corpse turned into a pile of skeletons. At this time, the Heavenly Burial Master drove away from the flock of vultures, and came to the corpse table again, smashing the remaining bone rack with a hammer or stone, then

Then put the human head in the stone nest of the corpse table and smash it, and then mix the broken bones into a ball and feed it to the eagle. After the flesh and bones were all eaten by the vultures, and the flocks flew away, the sky burial ceremony ended. If the corpse is eaten completely by the vulture, it is regarded as auspicious, indicating that the deceased is diligent in chanting and worshiping Buddha, and has many good deeds, and the soul has been ascended; on the contrary, it means that the deceased are guilty of great sins during his lifetime, and the soul is difficult to ascend to the reincarnation, and the family is special Pain and anxiety, and then the practice of chanting to over-redeem the dead.

After 's day burial, the family's funeral time is 49 days for "Seven Seven", because Buddhism believes that the soul of the deceased must wander for 49 days on the way of "Zhongyin" to find the home. During this period, in order to let the undead reincarnate smoothly, the family must continue to read the Sutra Sutra daily. During the funeral, family members cannot wash their face and comb their hair, wear new clothes, be entertained, and cannot slaughter cattle and sheep... there are many taboos. The object of burial is the person who normally died. In Yushu, people who die due to a strange disease, or commit suicide or poison, or are shot cannot be buried in heaven. If they are sent to the burial ground, they are disrespectful to the Buddha and the gods. The dead cannot be born. According to a local Tibetan friend, apart from relatives and friends, the Yushu Tibetans’ heaven burial ceremony does not allow other people to be present, and visitors are not allowed to watch or take pictures. Therefore, the heavenly burial has maintained its unique purity and permanent mystery.   Yushu’s Heavenly Burial Master is a unique group of people. Few people ask and know their secrets. According to the doctrine, the celestial burial master is the intermediary envoy of the world and the kingdom of heaven, and the midwife of the reincarnation of human life. Generally every day.