You want to hold the goblins charging in the gate

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Why disease? Its under used, a cool idea and RuneScape Mobile gold I enjoy the noise of plague weapons. Why did you opt for those weapons? Spears, claws and throwing axes along with my favirote weapons, but I do not use them. They're not use a good deal because they are ill effective compared to other weapons like daggers, halbeards and knives. Exactly how many doses will player disease take to heal? Only 1 dose to fully heal yourself.

Isn't this overpowered? No, it's all random stats apart from the hitpoints. So you could shed 10 runcrafting, but that will not alter how you fight, against npcs it'd only dimish there str, attack adn defence. Feel free to post commens and critise my work.

Head up again to the telescope room, if you don't have earplugs then you will be pushed down to fight with the warcheif again. Grab the Zamrock telephic and Speak with the proffesor. He'll say how grateful he is and then inquire about the amulet. He will say you could use a magic telescope to locate it, deliver him 1 of each elemental rune, 5 cosmics plus one liter glass. Bring him the substances and he wil give you"magic scope", activate it and three cutscenes will accompany. The first is the monk setting off to the south west, one of these carries a little the amulet around his throat. The next is that the amulet at the head of a guthix statue. The final is held by the insane Prophet...

Fouth tide: 10 level 5 goblins and 20 level 2 goblins will strike this time, this will be more challenging but still easy, just make certain they do not get too near the gate. Fifth tide: 15 level 5 goblins and 10 level 10 goblins, even quicker than the past and so much stronger, if the level 10 goblins get the gate that they could hit up to a five to it. This is were many can get stuck, deal with the stronger goblins first and worry about the weak later. By today the goblins with you would have died. Final wave: 30 level 2 goblins, 20 level 5 goblins, 20 level 10 goblins and 3 goblin captins level 30. The captins would be the strongest and can hit around 7 about the gate! Kill them quick.

Use your knife to set him free and he will let you know the goblins have assaulted the observatory, but have obstructed the way, possibly you have an explosive, plus a strange figure can restrain individuals, don't hear him. . If this reachs 0 you'll need to begin the cave . First kill goblins till one drops"nasty explosive". Now run to the ladder which is concealed by stones, get a tinderbox from the spawn and light it. Now use it on stones and head up the ladder. First kill the warcheif and select up ear plugs, you have to take them, these will stop you being thrown out of the tower from the zamrock.

You want to hold the goblins charging in the gate, if they break through then the city will fall. After it has been head for those towers and take the goblins using the crossbow.

Initial wave: 10 level 2 goblins will hurry up to cheap OSRS gold the gate, the gate has 50 health and these goblins will constantly hit 0 or 1.