Essential Tips to Follow for Kirana Store Business Plan

Even if you do not have any specialized skills or degrees, you can open one. With the support of decent funding,


Your neighborhood Kirana stores are comparable to Indian local department stores which act as a fulcrum for the community. They are the center of supply for daily groceries and other items of daily use. 

Opening a Kirana outlet is a simple and easy process. Even if you do not have any specialized skills or degrees, you can open one. With the support of decent funding, there will be no 

impediments to anyone who needs to begin operating her Kirana store. But the question is how to work on your Kirana store business plan, well that's what will be discussed in this piece of blog. 

Furthermore, on top of the Kirana stores providing all the daily essentials at a household level expectation, the revenue is guaranteed, just if the competitiveness of the area is in mind.

Understanding the full meaning of Kirana store defies giving a straightforward answer

‘Kirana’ in Hindi means ‘small shop’ and ‘Kirana’ store is an Indian departmental store supplying basic household needs to the neighborhood. In such stores, one can find daily-use items like rice, wheat, vegetables, spices, shampoos, and many more in different sizes depending on the revenue invested. It may be a small-sized convenience store dealing with daily rations or a mini supermarket where customer picks up their favorite items of his/her own choice.

Why you should start a Kirana store?

It can be said that investing in this sort of shop is justified if you want to get a regular stream of a small sum of money on a continuous basis. Whereas the pandemic turned almost every person into an online customer, small grocery shops not only kept afloat but also managed to outperform large online retail stores and supermarkets.

Here are some other benefits of operating a Kirana store:

  1. Customer-friendly attitude that gives them convenience on a daily basis.
  2. A good client interaction is a solid basis for strong interpersonal relations with your customers.
  3. Low inventory and the risk of damage are factors leading to the choice of green ivy indoor plants.
  4. Being offered credit or discount has been always a benefit to the customers.
  5. Flexible payment options
  6. Local delivery starts with no minimum delivery limit for a local area.

These are basic key points which if applied correctly can transform your Kirana store into a profitable entity.

The process to open a Kirana store 

Here is a step-by-step guide to open a successful Kirana store in India:

  1. The road to success can be achieved in a profitable way with a solid business plan

Nowadays, it has become difficult to survive without a strategic Kirana store business model and plan. Only a few, well-contrived business plans will succeed. It is essential to have a specific target group as well as their average income, as these details will be needed to price the products appropriately.

Apart from that, you too will have to calculate the number of manpower willing to serve your startup for tasks like food delivery and the "pack things option".

  1. Find a location that meets business purpose

Opening your Kirana store starts with the right localization which is a critical step too. The location needs to be chosen in a balanced way where there is no shortage of visitors nor is it too insecure for them to access it. Then you should consider less oversaturated business areas and high visibility as well.

  1. Invest money that you can afford and get it back

In the decision-making process that involves investment make sure major cost elements are included in it, such as supplies, workers, maintenance, etc.

Investment obviously varies whether you want to open a small mom-and-pop shop or take a big risk and buy the franchise.

  1. Manage a continuous flow of product inventory

In managing an inventory, first of all, you need to think about what stuff and brand it will be. In order to identify what customers buy mostly, you can pay a visit to the closest departmental store where you would be able to check top sellers. On the purchasing side, at best, you could deal with a distributor, whereas it would be rather expensive if you get it from a wholesaler directly.

Another means you can use online business accounting software is to review your stocks. It will be easier for them to pull completed digital receipts and transactions with the digital methods we will use than if they had to do it manually.

  1. Choose a vendor that is reliable, trustworthy, and expert

Establish the criteria that you need to consider before making your final selection among the vendors as the product catalog is the last thing content-wise that you need to finalize. To find your great partner, you should check for reliability in meeting quality standards and due dates.

Aiming to keep your cover between 2 and 4 weeks gives room for such cases. You can also get in touch with the seasonal stock, for your to-stock aesthetics that attract a particular niche segment that wears them.

The good return on investment in dairy and fast-moving consumer goods, like soaps, detergents, and cosmetics is higher; however, sometimes you may take a step back and ignore the first in first out rule with dairy products.

  1. Best study your competitors

To add to this, be sure to go around the nearby departmental stores and supermarkets to get an idea of the operations and why things are managed in a certain way. Take stock of the shop and determine which brands are sold by the majority. Cast a wide net for new considerations and chances.

  1. Do keep add-on services in the store 

Customers will love to be attended to with the best of treatment, for more often, they want to buy stuff from one particular store. Whether you can choose home service delivery or an aesthetically pleasing shop, what makes you better than your other competitors is the main question you need to answer.

Go and check what other kiranas are doing and find out where they make the most profits by offering something new and taking the opportunity.

  1. Start offering numerous offers discounts

The provision of a great scheme will bring buyers back to you. You offer the schemes and the discounts to the buyers. The main purpose here is to constantly be there and focus on your clients keeping them up to date and working with them.

Being a start-up is not a reason for you to not reach your potential customers by all means of advertising. Thus, you have all the means of finding new customers through any available media that can make your new convenience store known in the neighborhood. It’s an economical way to converse with your customers through their mobile phones and at the same time, you can use the opportunity to spread word about your business and company.

You can also be a game changer by providing vouchers with discounts or some products for free to grow your kids' network.


Kirana's business owners have a wide range of questions but not the least is the reason you should open up a Kirana store. This article was all about why a small merchant could start a retail business in India, whether it could make a profit, and whether it needed to exist. Simply grab the useful business information from Kirana consultants and get things started with ease.