Unlock Genshin Impact 4.6's New Achievements for Primogems

In Genshin Impact version 4.6, players can explore and complete new hidden achievements, earning valuable primogem rewards. The update introduces achievements within the wonders of the world series, offering players a sense of accomplishment. The article breaks down some of the new achieve



In the latest Genshin Impact update 4.6, players have the opportunity to discover and conquer new hidden achievements within the game's wonders of the world series. These achievements not only provide a sense of accomplishment but also offer valuable primogem rewards. Here's a breakdown of some of the new achievements and how to attain them:

1) Vishap Express Scylla - Objective: Use the current summoned by Scylla for the first time. - How to Unlock: During the Gradus ad Capitolium quest, interact with Scylla and opt to summon the current. Utilize this current to reach a specific target point in order to obtain the achievement.

2) I Ask of Thee, Art Thou Mankind? - Objective: Pick up a mysterious grimoire for the first time. - How to Unlock: In Fontaine 4.6, switch your elemental skill to the Power of Symphony when you come across the mysterious grimoire. This action will halt the grimoire, allowing you to pick it up and thereby unlock the achievement.

3) The Flying Outlander - Objective: Allow the lost score to see the light of day. - How to Unlock: Upon completing the Canticles of Harmony quest and the Echoes of the Ancient World quest, locate and return two lost scores and one ruined score to Tailleferre in Petrichor to successfully unlock this achievement.1) The Tenth MuseObjective: Master the symphony's power.How to unlock: Complete the "Shadow over Petrichor" world quest to automatically obtain the "The Tenth Muse" achievement.

2) Owner's DutyObjective: Provide Osse with fresh food.How to unlock: After finishing the "For Yesterday and Tomorrow" world quest, teleport to another location and return to Osse to feed it fresh food, unlocking the "Owner's Duty" achievement.

3) Loved by BooksObjective: Activate all mysterious bookshelves in the Faded Castle.How to unlock: Submit all eight lost grimoires to the mysterious bookshelves in the Faded Castle to unlock the "Loved by Books" achievement.

4) Odyssey on the WallObjective: Complete the stage performance in the Faded Castle.How to unlock: Teleport to the eastern waypoint in the middle level of the Faded Castle. Jump down from the balcony and interact with the mechanism near the luxurious chest. Complete the challenge to unlock the "Odyssey on the Wall" achievement.

5) Misteriosa Forma del TiempoObjective: Solve the three Seelie puzzles in Portus Anticus.How to unlock: Find and solve the three Seelie puzzles in Portus Anticus to unlock the "Misteriosa Forma del Tiempo" achievement.To earn the achievement "Interact with the Stone Statue in Caesareum Palace" in Genshin Impact Version 4.6, follow these steps:

  • Head to Caesareum Palace in the Sea of Bygone Eras.
  • Interact with the stone statue to initiate a challenge.
  • Defeat the enemies that appear during the challenge.
  • Interact with the statue again after defeating the enemies to obtain the achievement.

To unlock the achievement "What Do You Mean, You Hid Them?":

  • Locate and collect all of Juliano's treasure chests in the marked locations.

To obtain the achievement "Contra Mundum":

  • Locate and defeat the local legend named Cineas.

For the achievement "Latecoming Diadochus":

  • Complete the "Fortune Plango Vulnera" world quest.

To earn the achievement "Omnes Viae Remam Ducunt":

  • Complete the "Last Day of Remuria" world quest.

To unlock the achievement "Slow Homecoming":

  • Complete the "Latecoming Homecoming" world quest.

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