Genshin Impact 4.7 Update: Unveiling New Hydro Healer Sigewinne

The upcoming Genshin Impact 4.7 update will introduce Sigewinne, a new hydro healer character. Official marketing posts confirm her debut in the 4.7 banners, and leaks have revealed her gameplay animations and skills.


In the upcoming 4.7 update of Genshin Impact, a new character named Sigewinne, who is a hydro healer, is set to join the game's character roster. The official drip marketing posts have confirmed Sigewinne's debut as a playable character in the 4.7 banners. Recently, leaks have surfaced revealing Sigewinne's gameplay animations, unveiling her skills, burst, and idle animations.

Leaked Sigewinne Gameplay and Animations:

  • Sigewinne's elemental skill (E) allows her to create a bouncing water ball that inflicts damage based on her max HP, while simultaneously healing all party members except herself. When the skill is held, it charges up a larger water ball for increased damage and healing, generating two sourcewater droplets that can be consumed for energy and a bond of life.

  • Her elemental burst (Q) delivers frontal hydro damage for 2.5 seconds with six instances of damage, based on her max HP. It consumes two sourcewater droplets if nearby.

  • Sigewinne's ascension passives include the 1st ascension, which grants an 8% hydro damage bonus to Sigewinne and "rest" counters for party members, thereby increasing their skill damage.

Please note that all the information presented here is based on leaks and is subject to change. For the latest updates on Sigewinne and other Genshin Impact content, it is advisable to stay tuned to official announcements from Hoyoverse.- At the 2nd ascension, Sigewinne's healing is enhanced based on the total bond of life on all party members.- Upon reaching the 4th ascension, she gains the ability to restore a character's health if they lose more than 50% of health underwater.

Constellations:- C1: Water droplets from her Elemental Skill can bounce up to eight times, restoring "rest" counters.- C2: Provides a hydro shield based on Sigewinne's health, reducing enemies' hydro resistance.- C3: Enhances the Elemental Skill by +3.- C4: Increases the burst's duration.- C5: Boosts the Elemental Burst by +3.- C6: Healing provides crit-rate and crit-damage to Sigewinne, and her burst damage also receives a boost.

Signature Weapon:Sigewinne's rumored signature weapon is an HP-scaled bow that provides a significant HP boost at max enhancement. This unique scaling adds an interesting dynamic to her playstyle, indicating she could be an on-field DPS character with strong healing capabilities.

Idle Animations:Leaked footage reveals Sigewinne's idle animations, showcasing her unique personality. One animation shows her summoning a large syringe and staring at it before throwing it back up in the air. Another animation depicts her summoning a water bubble to moisturize her face, adding a touch of charm to her character.

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