Genshin Impact 4.7 Leak: Get the New Free Four-Star Cloudwearer Bow!

A leak for Genshin Impact 4.7 hints at a new four-star event bow, Cloudwearer, with unique stats and abilities for characters in the game. It has a base attack of 510 and elemental mastery of 165.


A recent leak for Genshin Impact version 4.7 hints at the introduction of a new four-star event bow. This upcoming bow, known as Cloudwearer, is anticipated to bring unique stats and abilities that could make it a valuable weapon for various characters in the game.

Cloudwearer boasts a base attack of 510 and an elemental mastery of 165, positioning it as a formidable weapon for any character. Its passive ability further enhances its appeal by granting the wearer 48 elemental mastery for 10 seconds, thereby providing a substantial boost to their elemental abilities.

Although initial leaks suggest that Cloudwearer may be tailored for Sethos, it is expected to be a versatile option suitable for multiple characters in Genshin Impact. For instance, it is speculated that the bow's elemental mastery bonuses could significantly enhance the damage output of characters like Sethos, who reportedly relies on his own energy to enhance charged attacks.

Genesis Crystal: Usage and Acquisition

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