MMOexp: My RF Inquisitor has multipoint with cool

Ability to seek Meat Merge Exchange


If you drop some fire clusters at the top and save points here and there, you can swap out a large passive cluster of Path of exile currency 8 with elemental or fire damage giving you another 2 gem niches.

Jewelry: Ability to seek Meat Merge Exchange. Unbelievable. Not 100% necessary, but very good. The eyes of the observers. Find a dotted Watchers Eye with Malevolence and other useful accessories. My RF Inquisitor has multipoint with cool Malevolence and Ice Purity physics. This can be very expensive, but it is worth it as it increases your damage and defense compared to the cost of a jewel box.

That's all I can do now. But you have a lot with it! Good luck.

Berserker - Ideally I'd like to avoid heavy node construction. I don't know if this is a common issue on Berserker builds, but the ones I've seen pop up seem to have a lot of button presses.

Killer - Unfortunately I don't care about key skills (e.g. flashing, bone breaking, tornado) used on killer builds, any other skills? Spectral Helix is one of those skills that I'd love to try, but it seems like it's in a bad place.

Necromancer - I know this is going to be difficult, but I don't like the reliance on GA and Ghosts. I don't know if there is any way to build minions that would be fine without using AG and Specter.

Dead Eye - Seems expensive and a bit heavy in terms of glass cannons... that's not exactly my usual playstyle. Although, like I said, I have about 100 divs, so maybe that should be fine?

Calling all Berserkers/Slayers/Necromancers/Deadeyes, what fun build do you have in this tournament? Normally I only play one build per tournament, but since there's still plenty of time I thought I'd give it another build per throw. I don't know which build to play but thought I'd give one of the updates a try because of those I've been hooked on the rug for the past few years but it's time to try one of them.

I have about 100divs right now to drill down into a build, I'm not looking for a build to do specific stuff because I already do everything I want to do on my main build. I just wanted a fun build to pass the time. I like to POE currency for sale find interesting interactions from unique interactions that are rarely used.