The tree branches are smaller trees

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3. Directly in front of WoTLK Classic Gold the second Cocoon, hidden under the bridge of timber that connects the trees.

4. Follow the path of the wooden bridge on the right (west) suspended from the boards.

5. In a tree branch that is high in the direction to the east Cocoon 4.

6. A higher tree branch northwest of Cocoon 5.

7. In a forest to the west of Cocoon 6.

8. In a second tree, there is a branch that runs south of Cocoon 7.

9. The tree branches are smaller trees that have a spiral and an arch in the trunk.

10. A tree is located southwest of the altar where players will be able to find the wings.

There are some players who have a glitch in this quest. This glitch will cause them to lose their wings each time they interact with Cocoons. Cocoon. They'll fall into the middle of the gathering animation , and never be able to finish the collection of the Cocoon.

It's possible that the quest was created to allow players to get on the tree's branches and gather the Cocoons by descending rather than in mid-air. If players continue to experience the issue, they should try landing on the tree instead of trying to communicate while flying. They will not lose their progress if they need to return to buy WoTLK Classic Gold borrow wings in between every Cocoon.