Make Vet Visits Fun

However, a visit to a vet can be made fun and less stressful for your pet, if you follow the basic instructions below.

Visiting a pet vet clinic can be stressful for dogs, since they don't want to face any pain when they are prodded or poked during an examination. Full of scary sounds, unknown animals, strange people and funny smells, the prodding and poking that the dogs are subjected to, make them uncomfortable, which for some dogs can seem unbearable. So, even an easy going dog might get into panic mode while visiting a vet, even for a regular checkup.

However, a visit to a vet can be made fun and less stressful for your pet, if you follow the basic instructions below.

  • Visit your Vet for non-treatment purposes:Visiting a vet can be stressful to the dog, but if you make it a habit for your dog to visit a doctor without any treatment, just to say hi or for play time, it can reduce stress for the pet. Various vet clinics have playgrounds for pets to make them feel easy and of course the ladies at the front desk are always willing to take a moment to make your dog feel welcome.
  • Make your pet comfortable to touch on sensitive spots:Every pet has some extra sensitive areas like the tummy or paws. While a vet may need to touch any of these sensitive body parts for inspection or treatment purposes, your pet must be used to it. So, try to make an effort for your pet to get touched on his sensitive parts to make it easier for vet visits. This will ease the treatment process for your pet.
  • Cars mean fun:Your pet might be afraid of getting into the car for his trips to the vet. So, to make him feel comfortable, you should get him used to traveling with you in your car by taking him for fun and leisure activities around town.
  • Choose a Vet with separate waiting rooms:Waiting in a room, where other pets are also waiting to be checked in or treated, can be stressful for some dogs. So, ask your vet if your dog can be taken immediately to a separate waiting area so your pet feels comfortable and out of sight of other dogs.
  • Chat with your Pet:Chit chat with your pet can help you make your dog tolerate the environment and reduce his stress at a vet clinic. So, you must make it a habit to talk with your pet to avoid it feeling uncomfortable.

So, to reduce the stress of a vet visit for your dog and to make him feel comfortable there, you must follow these tips. This will help you control your pet's fear and divert him to other things, while waiting for his turn or while getting treated.