Spongebob and friends are coming to Madden NFL 21!

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If there is anything that makes us unemployed throughout the quarter, it is video games. In all these months since the coronavirus forced us to lock ourselves at home, this huge industry has provided us with great games and even the consoles that Red Bone gamers have been waiting for. However, by 2021, some surprises have been saved like Madden, which led us to collaborate with SpongeBob.

SpongeBob and Madden NFL 21 team up
At first glance, these two names seem to have nothing. The only way to connect this great man with American football is to remember when they wanted him to sing "Sweet Victory" in the Super Bowl Gilgil. But it sounds strange, this is true, this is not a joke, Bob (Patrick, Squidward and all his friends) will come to this video game to completely change it.

A few days ago, EA Sports mysteriously announced its cooperation with Madden NFL 21 on its social network. They only posted a date with SpongeBob’s face and date showing that they will show something spectacular on January 7, 2021, but after many rumors and uncertainties, we finally know which of these two franchises is What will happen in time, this is a very big thing, and combines these parallel things into the universe. If you need MUT Coins, welcome to visit our website GameMS.

According to NME, this is DLC or downloadable content that allows you to bring the biggest players in the league to bikini bottoms. You will have a stadium with Krabby crustaceans, Squidward and Bob’s houses, as well as Nickelodeon Zeppelin and giant yellow spongy inflatable boats. Everything makes you feel that they are cheering for you in every game.

It seems that this is not enough, you have to overcome many challenges to get a good return. So you will have an idea, if they can reach the goal, they can wear SpongeBob SquarePants, Patrick, Squid, Sandy and plankton and Mr. Crabs' uniform. Although custom celebrations will also be held with players such as Patrick Mahomes, JJ Watt, Alvin Kamara and more. In addition, Buy MUT Coins can help you upgrade your team.