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Watches have evolved with time. Many changes have taken place since the time when hour glasses were the primary mode of determining time. The 16th century saw the development of clocks that were highly efficient. Wristwatch technology developed from clock technology. But before that, prominent people in the 17th century had to do without wristwatches. Then there came the development of watches that became fully functional towards the end of the century.

Patek Philippe invented the wrist watch in the 19th century and the army devised a way of tying them on the wrist. The reason for this idea emerged from the time that military officers always wasted time fumbling in pockets to try and locate the then fashionable pocket watches. What we can refer to as a rich heritage in the development of the watch is the dramatic change in the way watches were handled: from pocket watches to wristwatches. Then there came Penerai Luminor Watches and everything changed.

In order to appreciate the distinctive qualities which Penerai Luminor watches exhibit, it is good to look at the rarest watch in this brand. It is known as Penerai PAM 276. The watch is made using only 100 pieces using J series. It is a stylish watch that is complete with a 6-day powered reserve as well as 12 hour GMT. It also has a tourbillon indicator and a case with see-through distinctive feature.

The Tourbillon cage appears to change from an initial perception of being a 2-dimension view to being a 3-dimension view. This must be the opportunity you have been waiting for in order to get Custom Watches of your choice at rock bottom prices.

Create your own watches are your best choices of all time. A watch with a power reserve indicator is just too good for any price. That is why it will sound odd that you too can afford to wear this classic watch. It also comes with an indicator that is either on GMT, AM or PM at any given time.

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