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Emirates also offers a loyalty program called Emirates Skywards, where passengers can earn miles for their flights and redeem them for various rewards. Overall, the Emirates Manage Booking service and profile system provide a convenient and efficient way for passengers to manage their trav



Emirates, one of the world's leading airlines, has established itself as a provider of exceptional travel experiences. From its state-of-the-art aircraft to its award-winning service, Emirates consistently strives to exceed passengers' expectations. In addition to their commitment to delivering a seamless journey, Emirates offers a comprehensive online service known as "Manage Booking," empowering passengers to customise and manage their travel arrangements with ease and convenience. This article explores the features and benefits of Emirates' Manage Booking platform, providing insights into how it enhances the overall travel experience.


Accessing Manage Booking:

Emirates' Manage Booking is accessible through their official website or mobile application, making it easily available to passengers at any time and from anywhere. Upon logging in with their booking reference number and last name, travellers gain access to a range of personalised features.


Flight Modifications:

One of the key benefits of Emirates' Manage Booking is the ability to modify flight details. Passengers can conveniently change their flight dates, upgrade their seat selection, or make adjustments to their travel class. This flexibility allows travellers to adapt their plans in response to unexpected events or changing circumstances.


Baggage Management:

Managing baggage is often a crucial aspect of travel planning. Emirates' Manage Booking offers passengers the ability to add extra baggage, purchase additional weight allowance, or even prepay for excess baggage, thus avoiding last-minute surprises or complications at the airport. Travellers can also track their baggage status and receive updates regarding any changes or delays.


Seat Selection:

Selecting the perfect seat can greatly enhance the travel experience. With Emirates Manage Booking, passengers can choose their preferred seats in advance, ensuring a comfortable journey. The interactive seat map displays available options, enabling travellers to make informed decisions based on their preferences and needs, such as aisle or window seating.


Special Meal Requests:

Emirates prides itself on its diverse range of onboard dining options. Manage Booking allows passengers to request special meals in accordance with their dietary preferences or restrictions. Whether it's a vegetarian, gluten-free, or child-friendly meal, travellers can make these arrangements conveniently ahead of time.


Inflight Entertainment and Wi-Fi:

Emirates is renowned for its extensive inflight entertainment options, with a wide selection of movies, TV shows, music, and games. Through Manage Booking, passengers can browse the available content and create personalised playlists, ensuring a delightful inflight experience. Additionally, travellers can also pre-purchase Wi-Fi packages, allowing them to stay connected during their journey.


Visa and Passport Information:

Travellers often need to provide visa or passport details before embarking on international journeys. Emirates' Manage Booking platform enables passengers to easily update or verify this information, ensuring compliance with travel requirements and minimising any potential complications.


Check-in and Boarding Pass:

Manage Booking simplifies the check-in process by allowing passengers to complete online check-in, select their preferred seat, and access their boarding passes. This feature saves valuable time at the airport, enabling a smooth and hassle-free start to the journey.


Notifications and Updates:

Emirates understands the importance of staying informed about flight status and any relevant updates. Manage Booking provides passengers with real-time notifications regarding flight delays, gate changes, or any other essential information, ensuring travellers are well-informed and prepared throughout their journey.



Emirates' Manage Booking platform exemplifies the airline's commitment to enhancing the travel experience for its passengers. With features ranging from flight modifications and baggage management to seat selection and inflight entertainment, travellers have the ability to customise their journey to meet their specific preferences and requirements.