ROM Hacks: Know About Pokemon Black 2 Rom

ROM Hacks: Know About Pokemon Black 2 Rom


Hack games, also famous as ROM hacks or ROM patches, are video games that enthusiasts have altered or edited. Hackers can achieve this just by altering the code of the Read Only Memory of a video game that is published and even may create something new. The specific code series of this Pokemon Black 2 Rom game system is believed to be very versatile and can be modified easily, as this gives hackers creative freedom with a well-tested, solid game engine.

Due to the immense popularity of Pokemon around the world and these interesting factors, many other games have originated, spanning multiple generations. Those games even range from minor adjustments to some new features, eventually creating some new interesting Pokemon games made by the fans. 

Though the code series of this game is not easy to hack, many fan-made Pokemon games still do not depend on this game. So instead, those are some modified versions of the Pokemon Conquest and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon.

Bootleg games and Pokemon games

There is a clear distinction between “bootleg games” and Pokemon Black 2 Rom or Rom Hacks. Bootleg games are nothing but unauthorized copies of published games that customers buy. These are even flashed onto after-market game cards or game paks and also lack the official Nintendo Seal.  However, since ROM hacks are already distributed over the internet without cost, they are mainly sold as bootleg games. Thus, these games often need better reliability.

Possibly the most well-known bootleg Pokemon games are the Pokemon Diamond and Jade. Pokemon Jade can even be found on the same cartridge as an illegally developed Pokemon Crystal cartridge. Unfortunately, these bootleg games had many bugs which were absent in the real games. Some of those bugs are the inability to load a save file correctly, the game containing swearing, profanity, broken English, etc., which you cannot see in all official Pokemon games licensed by Nintendo.

Nintendo is mainly against the use or practice of ROM hacking and even has taken strict action against it in the past, like issuing DMCA takedowns to some ROM hacks.

Types of games

The game called Pokemon ROM hacks usually falls into five categories; however, because of the versatility of the Pokemon engine, several hacks can transcend multiple categories at once. The types of hacks are as follows:

  • Difficulty hacks

These hacks, like Pokemon Expert Emerald and Pokemon Radical Red, have a notably more serious than users generally experience in regular Pokemon games.

  • Pokedex hacks

These hacks are created to make all Pokemon available in-game, such as event Pokemon, starters, version-exclusive Pokemon, etc., which can be evolved or obtained through trading. Hence, this allows the Pokedex to be completed in a single playthrough.

  • Language hacks

Amateur enthusiasts often translate the Pokemon games of the Japanese language into other languages, like English, so international audiences may enjoy them. Unfortunately, however, the quality of this translation is often dubious. 

  • ROM bases

These hacks are usually made to be used as a base for other notable ROM hacks. These even include notable revisions to the game’s base code via ASM hacking to add some new features.

  • Complete hacks

These acks include new plots, characters, features, and regions. They even overhaul the graphics of the game. 

So, these are some important pieces of information about Pokemon Black 2 Rom that you need to know if you love to play Pokemon games.