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We'll demonstrate how to hang various curtain types, including grommet, rod pocket, pinch, inverted, and contemporary pleats.


Make sure the panels are big enough to cover the windows in your house before you begin hanging curtains. Before buying or sewing your curtains, measure the size of your window to avoid being suddenly woken by a shaft of sunshine that the curtains don't block. Your curtain panels' combined width should equal around double the width of the window. Don't hesitate to contact curtain installation Dubai.

It's crucial to pick the right curtain length for your windows. In addition to looking strange, curtains that are excessively small give the impression that your room is smaller, with lower ceilings. The space appears smaller overall as a result of the too-small drapes. Curtains that drag on the floor may present a trip risk and are more likely to gather dust. Curtains should hang at the perfect level, slightly off the ground.

Hanging Tuscany Curtains

 After completing the aforementioned processes, start assembling your balance by slowly turning the screw at the first finial's end clockwise into the wood pole's end. Turn your pole over, then add rings to it until it has the same number of hooks as your curtain. Finish by fastening the second finial to keep the rings in place.

If you're using metal hardware, tighten your adjustment screw clockwise to attach your finial to the rod. Don't forget to secure the plastic hooks that come with the metal rings before sliding them onto the rod. Last but not least, fasten the second metal finial to your rod.

Caring for Your Curtains

Insulation, light blocking, and draught prevention are all benefits of your drapes and curtains. Additionally, they draw in grime, allergens, pet hair, etc., making them dirty and smelly. You'll need to clean them frequently to keep them looking fantastic.

The fabric and construction of your curtains will determine how you should clean and maintain them. In the washing machine, some materials may shrink, discolor, or wrinkle. Before washing, look for the manufacturer's suggested cleaning procedure on the care label. Cotton clothing with a machine-washable label can be cleaned in your washing machine. Hand-clean sensitive fabrics. Some materials, such as velvet, brocade, lined or heavy curtains, drapes, or fabrics with pleats, will require dry cleaning. Contact us at +97145864033.