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Yoga is an exercise. It may not as strenuous or vigorous as a full throttled acrobatic one but it is an exercise none the least. Yoga involves a lot of stretching, spreading and opening up of all the muscle groups along with mind and soul. Yoga requires you to meditate and be at one with yourself. You will require at all times to be comfortable with your body and feel good about yourself. You cannot keep feeling conscious and deficient. Yoga requires you to give your all to the practice. Essentials Clothing You require training your mind and body in that direction so that you do not end up doing something that was not expected of you. You will need to better yourself at yoga. It is an everyday process. One cannot master yoga within one day of doing it. It is a consistent effort and has to be a deliberate one. Yoga exercises not only the body but also the mind and psyche!

The effects or benefits of yoga are terrific. You can cure almost all life styles related ailments by including this into your daily schedule. It is best to begin your day at sun rise with a glass of Luke warm water and an hour of devoted yoga. You must begin with the surya namaskara. This is an offer of devotion and prayer to the sun. People believe that the first rays of the sun carry along with it all the energy and wellness that the sun has to give and the best way of absolving this energy to maintain good health and mental well being is by performing this exercise. The surya namskara has 12 positions that require to be done in an interval of a minute of each other.

After having done this you can move onto other asanas depending on the type of yoga schedule you follow.

Yoga as mentioned before involves a lot of stretching. So it is Essentials Hoodie that you wear the right types of clothes while doing the different asanas. Do not wear extremely tight clothes. It is OK if you do not look attractive and doll like while performing yoga. The importance is laid on the act not on how you look. Make sure you are wearing a correct pair of underclothes with a tight grip, which holds you well together. Do not wear badly under clothing which does not fit you well. It may affect your posture. Preferably wear slacks and a loose fitting tee shirt. Wear comfortable shoes if you decide to wear any. Do not wear heavy and stiff material such as denim. Stay away for synthetic material so that your skin is allowed to breathe. Wear stretchable clothes so that they don't hamper your stretch and you maintain a good posture. Clothes with Lycra are recommended for the job.