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Fans of POE know that GGG will release four extensions corresponding to each quarter in Path of Exile every year. Now they are playing this year’s third extension called Heist. In this league, players’ past gameplay has changed, allowing players to get POE Currency by launching a robbery action. Although the players have a great time playing here, they still look forward to experiencing the new expansion in December as soon as possible.

But now the news brought by GGG is that players cannot play the new expansion on time. They need to wait until January next year to experience it officially. This is terrible news for players. Originally a few months ago, when GGG announced that they might not release POE 2 Beta this year, the players were already very frustrated. The decision made by the game team to make way for the release of Cyberpunk 2077 is even more heartbreaking for players.

POE developers stated on their official forums that they originally planned to set the release date for the 3.13 extension on December 11. But because Projekt Red CD recently announced that Cyberpunk 2077 will release on December 10. They don’t want players to get into a dilemma as to which game to play. So they decided to stagger the release time of Cyberpunk2077. In this way they can also have more time to enrich the 3.13 extension and can also spare time in advance to complete the development of the 3.14 extension.

In order to make the grieving POE players understand the decision they made, Grinding Gear announced that it will hold at least one special game event for several weeks and will introduce it soon. Developers are very confident that version 3.13 will launch in January next year, and the specific date will release soon. Players may profit from upcoming events. If they want to become stronger in a short time, then Buy POE Currency as soon as possible.

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