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Are you looking for architectural designers? GBS Architectural is best known as London’s most efficient residential architectural design services for new builds, renovations and extensions.

GBS Architectural prides itself on being a renowned London architectural practise with a talented team of Architectural Technologists and Architectural Designers that aim to provide dynamic, aesthetic, and sustainable building projects.

A common question we get is ‘What is the difference between an Architect Architectural Designer?’ I t would be best to first deal with this question before reading ahead.

The term ‘Architect’ is protected and regulated by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) The Architectural Registration Board (ARB) as such unless you are registered with either you cannot use this term.

Therefore, the term architectural designer is a broad title that can be used by any person conducting architectural services. However unlike others out there GBS Architectural is a registered practise with the Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists (CIAT) and all our architectural designers are registered members meaning we are regulated, ensuring our clients are protected.

Our architectural designers look to bring modern sense of pride and energy to each and every project, using a truly collaborative design approach to ensure that we are able to turn our clients design brief into their project reality.

Our experience of designing across different styles and ethos of searching out new inspiration means each project is unique. Unlike other architectural designers we do not operate an ‘our way or the highway’ system, instead we look to bring our clients into the fold early and work with other selected professional such as interior designs or structural engineers to deliver satisfaction from the moment we are on board whether it be a smaller home extension or loft conversion or a larger new build or development scheme.

Following the initial meeting our architectural designers will also look to meet in person during the design process to discuss proposals, it is our opinion that these face to face meetings allow a more effective design process and help you visualise the proposal being discussed, of course we do always offer the option to conduct these remotely should you prefer or if the items being discussed suit that method.

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