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Located on the banks of the Santa Ana River, is the city named after the river, Santa Ana, considered as one of the most densely populated cities of Orange County, Los Angeles. Santa Ana many beautiful view that are mind-blowing and the city have a magnetic effect on its visitor that makes it hard for the traveler to leave the place, once they steps in the city. All those picturesque river side and beaches are perfect for someone who wants to have a relaxing day. The place is also considered great for writer, as it gives the imagination a different height that one starts to fly without the wings.

Along with the mesmerizing views, the city has others beautiful and fun-giving destinations such as Santa Ana Zoo, Montanya Spa, The Bowers Museum and The Discovery Cube, which is also one of the most visited places in Santa Ana. Relax your mind through the ear and listen some great music at Pacific Symphony, which is also one of the oldest places to serve music in Santa Ana; they have some amazing talented musician and they arrange concerts throughout the year for the tourists and local residents.


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