How To Choose A Research Topic For A Dissertation Or Thesis

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The way that you're going to review them is quite simple. Now obviously you're not going to go and read a bunch of dissertations from start to end, what you're gonna do is you're gonna do a skim of some important sections to to get the information you need. I'd recommend that you look at the title because the title should be quite descriptive if it's a good title. Have a look at the executive summary or the abstract because that gives you a full idea of what the research is all about and then have a look at the introduction chapter because that gives you a good idea of how they came to to go from a broad research topic or a broad research area and to justify that down into a tighter topic. As you're looking at these dissertations or theses you need to ask yourself a few questions. The first question you want to ask yourself is what kind of research topics did these dissertations cover and and how did they turn these research topics into research questions.

You might want to look for each dissertation what was the research topic and what were the research questions. Then importantly how broad or how narrow were these research topics. What does this tell you about the the requirement from the school in terms of how narrow and how niche they want you to go. Also importantly how original were the research topics. Were they're really groundbreaking or was it just a sort of localized twist on an established well-established theory. Then importantly how well justified with these research topics. In other words were the topics really important for society or at least for for the the area the field or, were they're just nice to know is because this gives you a good idea of what your university expects in terms of justification for a research topic. I can't tell you how many dissertations you need to review how many theses you need to review, but I would say that you need to keep going until you have narrowed your your handful of research areas down into a handful of more niche research areas. In other words until you've gone and taken those four or five broad research areas and narrowed them down into something more specific. Or perhaps you decided to scrap some of the the areas because you found stuff that was more interesting. But you want to at least walk away from this process with five potential research areas that are more tightly focused. For example if your broad interest area in the beginning was something like social media marketing then you might have narrowed that down to Facebook marketing or YouTube marketing.

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If your broad interest area in the beginning was reputation management you might have narrowed that down to consumer trust or consumer trust building. In other words the important thing is that you have gone and narrowed down from this broad interest area to something more specific something that has a body of theory that you can go and look at meaningfully, which is the next step. Right now that you've narrowed your thinking down from a broad area to a more niche research area, the next step is to hit the literature in other words hit the existing research the journal articles perhaps the textbooks and and get a good feel for the state of knowledge in the interest areas that you have in these more niche interest areas.

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