How to Sell the Car Over the Internet

How to Sell the Car Over the Internet


The times when people wrote the word “Sell!” On the rear window of a car and added their phone number are a thing of the past. Cars with the "announcement" of this kind on the road every day less and less, and ads for the sale of used cars online, respectively, more.

The Internet provides a range of vehicle sales opportunities. When they say "sell the car online," they do not necessarily mean bulletin boards, although this method is the most popular.

If selling online is new to you, start by looking for the most popular bulletin boards .

How to post ads
An important rule: the more the better. Place ads on all the services that you get to, this will increase the audience who will get to know your car, and there will be someone who wants to buy it faster.

When you create an ad, be creative. Of course, you should not write ballads about your car, but also a four-word description of “no bits, no crash” will not work. Tell us a little about the car and your experience of owning how much you were together, why you decided to sell, remember what parts changed and what parts were painted, if any. The more frank you are with the buyer, the faster and easier the vehicle will be sold.

Photos are of great importance. We must say right away that ads without photos are almost completely ignored - there was an opinion: if a person does not attach pictures of his car, then his condition is very deplorable and he simply does not want to show a car.

Here, too, be honest: take not only general photos of your car inside and out, but also focus on problem points. Abrasions, scratches on the bumper - add these close-up photos so that the buyer does not have questions regarding the presence of defects.

Selling on social networks
Another way to sell a car on the Internet without creating ads is fast-progressing social networks. You have a lot of VKontakte friends, followers on Instagram, or even readers on Twitter - which means you can sell a car with the wonderful power of repost.

In this case, the “six handshakes” rule works - having many friends on social networks, you can count on friends of their friends and so on, and after a while using reposts of the sales announcement on the pages of your comrades about what you are selling cars will know a huge number of people you don’t even know.

The advantage of this method is that there is a higher level of trust. If a person saw something on a social network, it means that he most likely knows someone who knows you. Hence the recommendatory nature of the purchase with the feeling that someone from the buyer or acquaintance of the buyer who originally made a repost from your page is responsible for the seller of the car and his iron horse.

It is possible that in this way your friend will buy a car from you, who had long wanted a car like yours, but was silent about it, and now I saw a golden opportunity to buy your dream, and even from a trusted person.

Internet check
Selling a used car on the Internet is a reliable way to exchange a vehicle for money quickly. Buyers have many questions to your car regarding the number of owners, the presence of an accident or legal problems.

Checking a car on the Internet

Even an indication in an ad that the car is clean and tidy will not convince anyone. The Internet is teeming with resellers who sell expensively “dead” cars bought for nothing.