What are these tools for? Upkeep, like normal, for all our stuff

What are these tools for? Upkeep, like normal, for all our stuff


What are these tools for? Upkeep, like normal, for all our stuff. Tier 7!!! Recent Updates. Not last week - all resources going to OSRS gold upkeep and tier 7. Cosmetic Additions, Now that we have grade 7, we can begin to work on those again. Currently, we are working on 3 different goals all at once. I have a method to place up decorative up items as we finish the aims so the resources always have something to drop into. We're working on a grand hedge, which is pricey, but should look good (it'll be up in the North-West from the mine and also kiln). We're working on shields to hang on the second floor of the store, by the party area. Ultimately, we are also working on updating the chairs from the party room as a cloth overflow item.

Recources Needed for Hedge. 73.7k Timber, 39k Stone, 33.8k Rations, Resources Needed for Shields, 13.8k Bars, 11k Precious Bars, Resources Needed for Party Room Benches, 20k Timber, 5k Bars, 5.5k Cloth. I really do all ready know that skillcapes and attaining a 99 at a skill isn't quite as difficult as it was'back in the day'. Before you begin to rant on about how there a waist of time I need you guys to hear me out on this one.

I have been playing Scape since late 2004, and I achieved 99 cooking in late 07 as a totally free to play player. For me this was a huge thing for me, back then we didnt have skill capes, and it was a massive thing for me. It wasn't easy at all, alot of grinding. I've achieved two 99's since then. But thats besides what I would like to talk to you guys about, im looking for opinions here, Do you guys think that getting a 99 in almost any ability is still worth your time? If so, do you really do it for the ability cape? Or only the private glory of attaining a 99.

I recall getting untrimmed mining from grinding granite ores over a long duration of time that I did feel quite proud about sporting my untrimmed cape with pride; again then skillcapes were the offer. E.g. someone with something such as a RC cape a couple of years ago were almost worshipped.

Although atm together with the launch of this milestone capes and capes of achievement, skillcapes being more frequent they arn't that Old School RS Gold special anymore brief of a level 3 accounts with something like 99 slayer, skillcapes are worn when skilling- though even some abilities require wearing better capes (ardougne cape for zmi/thieving ect) and people are looked down upon for sporting these capes while slaying.