How to Get the most out of your Apple Watch Battery while traveling

How to get the most out of your Apple Watch battery while traveling


The Apple Watch with each generation is becoming more beautiful, practical and powerful, but one thing remains unchanged - their autonomy. The watch is still struggling to live a full day without recharging.

If you are sure that you spend the night at home, it’s difficult to call a low battery life a problem: after all, you will remove them before bedtime and put them on charge. However, when you travel, the ability to timely energize gadgets does not always happen. And this is a problem.

In this case, you can resort to the help of "crutches": make the device work longer, but with a limited set of functions. In addition to travelers, such manipulations can also be useful to those who just want to get the most out of the Apple Watch battery.

• First, reduce the brightness of the display. Go to "Settings" → "Brightness and size of the text." It is best to choose a value close to the minimum;

• Also turn off display activation when turning your wrist. In the “Watch” application on iPhone: “Basic” → “Screen activation” → “When lifting the wrist”;

• “Hi, Siri” - the enemy of the battery. Disable in "Settings" → "Basic" → "Siri" on the Apple Watch;

• Disable data updates in applications. On iPhone: “Watch” → “Basic” → “Content Update”;

• Turn off sports activity tracking, including continuous heart rate monitoring. This greatly affects battery discharge.

On iPhone: “Watch” → “Pulse” → turn off “High Heart Rate”, as well as “Workout” → turn on “Energy Saving Mode” for sports.
Extreme savings

• Turn on airplane mode. This will still allow you to earn activity points, track sports activities and use applications, however, disconnect the clock from the iPhone - which means that notifications will stop coming;

• Maximum charge saving mode - Eco mode. Useful in case you definitely can’t get to the outlet in the next couple of days. When you activate the mode, you can forget about all the “smart” functions of the Apple Watch, now only the current time on a black background is available to you.

To enable it, go to the "Control Center", click on the numbers showing the percentage of battery charge, select "Eco Mode" → "Continue"