What exactly is Elasticache? AWS?

It improves the speed for web applications and provides users with the ability to access


Elasticache is a web service that allows users create and manage an in-memory memory cache that is stored in the cloud.

  • It improves the speed for web applications and provides users with the ability to access information through the memory cache that is fast and managed. cache, instead of the slow databases that rely on disks.
  • If, for instance, you manage an online business, you'll have people constantly seeking details about specific products. Instead of employees in front always requesting information about the product it is possible to store the information stored in Elasticache.
  • It's used to increase the performance and speed of numerous apps needing reading (such games by social networks sharing gaming websites, as well as QA websites) and other applications that require computational capacity (such as recommendation engine).
  • Caching can enhance the performance of applications through conserving important bits that hold information, allowing for fast, low-latency high-speed information access.
  • Cached info may include a results of I/O-intensive DB queries or the results of computationally-intensive calculations. AWS is a fantastic option to help your business grow and growth by making use of the best quality of services, since it offers more than 200 products and services throughout. Learn about more details about AWS as well as it's AWS services by registering for training courses offered through AWS Training and Certification.

Elasticache in various forms

Two types of Elasticache:

  • Memcached


  • Amazon Elasticache Memcached is memory-based Memcached key-value storage device that works as a cache.
  • It's a user-friendly , high-performance memory storage device that's high-performance and efficient for data.
  • It is a method of using HTML0 as a session or cache store.
  • It is used mostly in real-time applications such as Web Mobile Apps and Ad-Tech Gaming and E-Commerce.
  • It stores sessions' leaders for games as well as leaderboards, management, and analysis of geospatial data in real time as well as a variety of other. The entire knowledge can be accessed through the better preparation of AWS Training in Hyderabad.


  • Redis refers to an abbreviation that stands for Remote Dictionary Server.
  • It's an open source key-value storage device that's in-memory.
  • Speed of reaction of the device will be in milliseconds. It is capable of handling of req processed every second by software that operates in real-time. This includes AdTech, Gaming and Financial services Health, IoT, and Health.