The POE Heist extension has been released on PS4 and Xbox1

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PC users and Mac users have already experienced the mysterious fun from POE Heist ten days ago. Now players on PS4 and Xbox1 can also play it. They need to make some perfect preparations to make the robbery successful. Because when the game team announced the new league preview information before, it has stated that if the players succeed in their actions, they will receive a large amount of POE Currency.

The league allows players to form a team of thieves to complete the robbery mission. We must compose the team of personnel who designed to penetrate high-security facilities. Their major goal is to retrieve valuable cultural relics. In bypassing security measures, they must take care not to alert any guards by triggering an alarm. Once the artifact is found and gained, since the alarm will sound automatically, it will become a tedious escape race.

The successful completion of the heist will enable players to lay a material foundation and accumulate experience and lessons for the goal. Those players who want to create Grand Heists need to collect wealth and learn from the experience and lessons of others and plan detailed action plans and prevent various emergencies. Every member of the thieves team should have some ability to help the Grand Heists go smoothly. These Grand Heists provide a lot of cool new rewards, they will not know the specifics until the players’ experience them in the game.

Many players are still watching other people’s games and dare not experiment by themselves. They can go to a reliable third-party agent to Buy POE Trade Currency and start planning their first heist action.