ninja ice cream maker healthy recipes

Get ready for summer with these healthy Ninja CREAMi ice cream recipes! From everyone's favorite chocolate and vanilla


Ice cream makers are great additions in your home, especially if you love the soft cold treats. There are so many models to choose from and by looking at the different features you should be able to select the most suitable for your needs. After investing in a reliable equipment for your ice cream making efforts, you will need to use the properly and also accord it the care and maintenance it deserves so keep getting the best from it.

With proper usage you will enjoy smoother finished textures instead of soupy ice creams. Regular washing and proper care on the other hand ensures food safety, your ninja ice cream maker needs proper cleaning and sanitization and it helps to know how to go about it. Read the directions of use that come with your machine. Even if you have used one before, it is still very important that you go through the manual because models can be s little different. Using manufacturer guidelines keeps your machine in top shape and ensures you enjoy perfect desserts every time. Chill your ingredients before you churn. Pouring warm ice cream base into the machine only means that you have to wait longer for cooling and churning to take effect and this can affect finished product quality depending on the type of machine you have. To enjoy smoothest textures it helps to first refrigerate liquid before freezing.