Why SAP SD Has Become the Most Popular SAP Module?

SAP SD (Sales and Distribution) has become the most important module within the SAP ERP.



It comprises various business processes needed for selling, billing, and shipping the required product. In addition, this module is mainly integrated with the SAP MM and PP. Hence, the most essential sub-modules of the SAP SD include Customer and Vendor Master Data, Sales, Billing, Delivery, and Credit Management. 


SAP SD has become the most trusted and popular Enterprise Resource Planning software that enables enterprises to integrate different business processes using a single unified system. Nowadays, many large and small-scale enterprises have adopted the latest methods of SAP modules. In addition, the SAP SD configuration will require you to develop essential knowledge and handle SAP-developed software. Hence, you need to undertake the best SAP SD training to build a strong base on the SAP SD framework. 

Advantages of SAP SD Training in Enterprises:

In the present scenario, SAP SD has become the most preferred module for various Sales and Distribution tasks within an enterprise. Hence, you need to understand the advantages of SAP SD training: 

  • With proper training, you can track and handle sales transactions.
  • You will get the ability to record and track the pre-sales and post-sales processes.
  • You can easily track sales data including team performance.
  • In addition, you will define several sales and distribution processes.
  • You can categorize various sales and processes.
  • Moreover, you can effectively manage sales documents using a unified system.

Hence, the SAP SD module is adopted by top-notch enterprises and has become the most popular solution all around the world. Thus, enterprises look out for individuals with the SAP SD certification to help grow and scale the business.

Key Components of SAP SD:

The SAP SD has become the most important module for ERP solutions developed by SAP. With the help of this module, you can manage sales and customer distribution data within an organization. Thus, some of the most important components of SAP Sales and Distribution include:

  • Master Data
  • Sales
  • Shipping of Material
  • Billing-Related
  • Sales support
  • Transportation of products
  • Foreign Trade

Features of SAP SD Module:

Here are the most useful features of the SAP SD module:

  • Price and Taxation: – 

With the help of this feature, you can evaluate the price of goods and services. Hence, it also includes specific conditions like rebates and discounts.

  • Availability Check: 

You can check the availability of any product within the warehouse of any organization.

  • Billing Invoice: 

This feature will help you generate invoices and bills.

  • Material Determination: 

This will help you determine the details of all the required materials.

  • Credit Management: 

This feature will help you manage the credit limits of the customers using two different ways Automatic and Simple credit checks.


Therefore, you need to select the best SAP SD Training in Delhi as it will help you get great career opportunities. In addition, after becoming a professional, you will get an average base salary of Rs 12,60,000 per year. Hence, your salary will depend on several factors such s your experience, skills, knowledge, and qualifications.